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Boudoir by Aniko

Creating authentic and classy photographs for women who want to feel like a queen but think they aren’t photogenic.

Serving Sonora, Central Valley, Bay Area, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Roseville,

Boudoir, it’s a girl thing.

Studio located at:

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When was the last time you felt like a queen?

You’ve been through so much and never give yourself credit.

You’re always helping and encouraging others, but have been neglecting yourself.

How about we change that! Boudoir allows you to see yourself in a new, yet exciting way, revealing a side of yourself that you may have never seen before. It’s also the perfect way to spoil yourself and remind yourself that YOU STILL GOT IT!

“Does this sound like you?”

  • You don’t feel photogenic but have always wanted to feel like a model.
  • You want to feel a little irresistible while still keeping it classy and tasteful.
  • You want your photos to be real and natural. Not fake or photo shopped.
  • You want a fun atmosphere, so you are comfortable and feel confident in front of the camera.

If you said yes to any of these, then this is for you! My name is Aniko and I’m a California boudoir photographer located in Sonora CA.

Locations Served:

I’m blessed to work with many amazing women. A lot travel to me because they see how comfortable and relaxed women look in my photos. Below are the most common locations that women do travel to me. If you’re up for the drive to Sonora, CA. I promise it’ll be worth it.

Boudoir Photography Sacramento Ca, Boudoir Photography Modesto Ca,

Boudoir Photography Pine Grove Ca,

Boudoir Photography Murphys CA, Boudoir Photography Manteca Ca

The Experience

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Retainer Fee

Secure your date & time with paying the retainer fee. $225

This fee includes your professional hair & makeup, 90 minutes studio time, prep guide, 3 outfit changes, and mimosas!

Prep Guide

Picking outfits is usually unfamiliar territory so I'll assist in making the process simple and fun!I will make sure you’re fully prepared for your session. You will show up feeling very confident, excited, and ready to knock it out of the park.

Posing Help

I will demonstrate poses and make sure you know exactly what to do. I’ll even show you a few pictures on my camera that way you know you look amazing!

Privacy & Payment Plans

I believe in keeping your photos private. I will not use any of your photographs without permission. You deserve to have your photos private! I know it can be hard to pay all at once. I’ll work with you to create a payment plan. That way you can make your session more budget friendly.

Welcome to the blog!

On this page you’ll have to opportunity to check out some featured boudoir sessions, get tips on making your session better, and much more.

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What is a Boudoir Wedding Photo shoot?

A boudoir wedding shoot is also called bridal boudoir. It’s a bridal themed photo shoot designed to give you amazing confidence while also spoiling your groom with some spicy wedding boudoir photos. Boudoir in general is done a lot of times to build confidence and also a great gift to give. A lot of brides want to give their groom something unique on the wedding day so they often choose to get bridal boudoir.

Check out my bridal boudoir Portfolio!

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Common Concerns About Having a Boudoir Session

“I’m not Photogenic and don’t know how to look sexy.”

No one is just randomly photogenic. It’s not as common as riding a bike. Being photogenic is when someone has you comfortable and makes sure you know what to do in front of a camera. It’s my job to make ladies photogenic. Come to your session with no experience at all and I’ll make you look like a professional.

“I won’t look as good as the other ladies”

I hear this all the time. The same women who say this are the same ones who kill it and let me use their images. I work with everyday normal women, not professional women. It’s my job to make sure the lighting and posing reflects how beautiful you are.

“I’m afraid of being judged.”

My sessions are a no judgment zone. I have worked with so many teachers, nurses, and etc. I never share any photos without permission or talk about my clients. I have a more personal approach where I become friends with so many of my ladies. I’d never judge or talk about you

boudoir investment why is it worth it

Boudoir is an investment

“It’s too expensive for me.”

Boudoir can definitely be a little pricey. I always ask my ladies what do they want from their session. Most say “to feel beautiful” or “to see my fiance’s mouth hit the floor.” If this is what you want, how much would you pay for it? Boudoir is more than just photos. It’s therapy to a lot of women or creates a memory they will always remember.

We spend so much on clothes, purses, and jewelry but won’t speed too much on our mental health. I feel like we should change that. Plus a lot of boudoir photographers offer payment plans so you can slowly pay instead of spending it all at once. You definitely don’t want a cheap boudoir session because those can be dangerous if the photographer is brand new or not experienced.

When you invest make sure you hire the best fit for your needs, style, and comfort level.

Do you like the style of the photos?Do you like dark/moody or bright and airy style?

Does the photographer work with all types of women?


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What Makes Boudoir by Aniko Unique

  • My sessions are very classy

Take a peek at my work and you'll realize how classy it is. For some women, a lot of boudoir can be too much. Some women only want a hint of spiciness without going overboard. My sessions are tailored to your level of comfort, so you'll feel at ease with the amount of spice. You may also rest assured that I will never ask you to be nude or do anything crazy!

  • My editing style is more clean & classic

There are a lot of dark and moody boudoir images in this area. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. Some ladies, on the other hand, prefer a more natural look that reflects who they are. Or they simply like a lighter, more elegant appearance. I also don't over-edit your images since I want you to feel confident in who you are.

  • You only buy the photos you want

The only price I charge up front is to cover your professional hair & makeup and the hour for the session. This means that you get to see the actual work before you pay for any photos you want. This puts pressure on me to make the best photographs possible that way you’ll want a ton of them.